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Product Info - A New Input

With A New Input you can use a keyboard and a mouse easily on any PC.

Keyboard Mouse Game Controller

The A New Input is innovative software that allows a computer user to use a video game controller as a keyboard and a mouse. Unlike other systems the A New Input allows input of all characters on a keyboard with only one or two touches of the controller. The A New Input is much faster than other controller input systems and as fast or faster than a standard keyboard. Besides being fast and easy to use the A New Input gives the user freedom not available when using a standard keyboard. The A New Input can be used while standing, lying down, sitting back, pacing, or even hanging upside down. The big screen computer can now be operated from all the seats in a home and the hardware needed is a small video game controller.

The Basics

Using the A New Input is easy! Any game controller will work great. Just press a direction on the stick that corresponds with the letter you want to press. After that, press the joystick button that you setup in the Joystick Setup that corresponds with the ring your letter is located on.



Inputting Text into a computer or game console using a video game controller is slow and complicated. A user must touch or work the controller many times to enter just one letter into the computer. This invention simplifies text input and allows the user to enter all the letters, punctuation and functions on a computer keyboard including or not including a mouse using a video controller or a joystick following a pattern (the A New Input) game controller like that used with an Xbox or a Play Station 3 gamming system can be used as an option to a standard keyboard and work as fast or faster.


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